Custom Orders

Custom Orders

petplay cosplay kittenears

Part 1

What I mean by 'custom' order is that I will work with you to try and achieve your purrfect kitten gear / fancy dress costume and I will try and give you exactly what you are struggling to find else where.   

The set and the final design is created by me and I may then adapt it and or resell it for others to enjoy.

The biggest single issue I have over customs is that people are super excited to have finally found someone willing to create their custom and they don't read the custom order terms at all despite signing up to them and then get really grumpy later on when they see 'their' set listed on the store for others to buy!!!!!     

Please let me go over this one more time before we go any further so that you are completely clear about my customs......  

Any input you submit to me to produce the custom becomes my final design not yours and I retain the right to use my artistic liberty to produce the best final product.      

Once completed pictures of custom orders may be used on my social media pages to show case my work, made available for sale on my store and replicated exactly or adapted as requested by others.  

If you are not prepared to agree entirely with any of the above please do not contact me for a custom order that way there will be no hard feelings later on.       

Please understand I want my items to be for everyone, there is nothing exclusive about what I do, I don't do 'releases' where people miss out, I don't do making things for people that others want but can't have.  I want my creations to be enjoyed by you all this is the reason for the above and its what I hope makes Katkins different.  Anyone can wear my gear when they are ready to make their special purchase.  

Phew I am sorry that was so blunt but I am no longer willing to be abused over costume ears and tails because people are unwilling to read my terms.  Now that is out of the way.....   

Part 2

I will not copy the ears you see in other shops this would not be right.  Please be respectful of other shops and do not send me a picture of other peoples ears and ask if I can make them.      

Part 3

If you see something you like on the store already I can craft the ears slightly larger or smaller if desired, change the colour and add embellishments such as bows or sparkle. 

I can also trim and thin the fur to the length you desire. With my ears I use a mix of pre coloured fur and airbrushing techniques to add colours which make each pair slightly different and unique.  

I will treat a request to adapt an original design as a custom.      

Part 4

Custom orders will be listed on the store with a code I provide to enable you to identify the item and make the purchase.   

The order will only be made once paid for in full and no discount can be offered for multiple item requests.   The listing on the store is your actual purchase and is what you can expect to receive. 

I am unable to change the order after it has been purchased. 

Part 5

I will work closely with you to fulfill your request however ultimately you need to accept that your custom order is my interpretation of your vision.  

Obviously I am unable to provide a visual of the finished product due to the nature of a 'custom' order not being pre made.    

You are required to agree to these terms at point of purchase.    

Final plea...... Due to the overwhelming amount of custom order requests I receive and the amount of time they take to discuss please help me by only contacting once you are in a position to make a purchase.  I really hope that by being so open and honest on this page I can continue to keep my customs open for you all to enjoy.