Product Care



When receiving goods

Ears  and tails can become flattened in transit.  Upon receipt of your  products please give them a good shake to bring the fur back to life.   The filling in the tail can be gently massaged back into shape and the headband  ears gently groomed into your desired shape.  We recommend finger  grooming rather than brushing.

Brushing the fur

Brushing  should be kept to a minimal as it can break and thin the fur.  In most  cases the fur simply needs a good shake to create a nice fluffy tail or ears.  Please tease out any tangles and avoid pulling and breaking the  fur using a natural bristled paddle brush.


Faux  costume fur does not respond well to being washed.  Please do not put your  products in the washing machine.  If necessary to wash we recommend spot  cleaning the effected area using a mild hand wash detergent and luke  warm water.  Gently blot the item with a clean towel to remove excess  water and then allow to dry naturally.  Please do not attempt to brush  wet fur as it may pull or break.  When dry, shake your item to fluff the  fur, brush gently if required and then gently groom into your desired  shape.


Store  your items carefully in a cool dry place, away from excessive  sunlight.  This prevents the product becoming matted, frizzy or faded.   We recommend that you hang your tail and place your ears headbands on a mannequin  head when not in use.  This prevents them from becoming squished and  miss shapen.